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Nvidia's brain helped pave the way for AV advances

Nvidia won a PACE Award in 2017 for putting an artificial-intelligence supercomputer in a car, enabling automakers to move steadily toward autonomous vehicles.

F-150 aces passenger-side crash test

More than half of the 2019 pickups tested by IIHS received subpar ratings in passenger-side crash tests. At the head of the pack was the Ford F-150, which earned top ratings in all categories.

Mobile app blurs lines between retail, wholesale

KAR Auction Services is testing out a new consumer mobile app called TradeRev that CEO Jim Hallett said could be as ubiquitous as a popular tissue brand.

Dealer gets points for trying

A Cleveland-area dealer planned to deploy Chevrolet Cruzes in a ride-hailing fleet to extend the life of the Lordstown, Ohio, plant.

Flat Rock flip-flop a sign of the times

Ford's back-and-forth illustrates the difficulty automakers face gauging demand for unproven future technologies.